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Warm Greetings from the CraneHill GSDs and Dobies!

Spring snugglers
Sweet CH pups Koszie & Blue Lou

Mandala (Dali) has found her new home!
Dali is a lovely gal, happy for her new family

Meet Dali, a 3 year old, black & tan stock coat GSD beauty. She was rehomed by CraneHill in June 2015 to a lovely Warren, MI family and is doing very well. They are pleased to have this bright, athletic and friendly girl who knows the ropes quite well and is eager to add her love and GSD goodness to their family. 

About us, for your consideration:

Welcome to our website. CraneHill is owned by 2 dog lovers who enjoy the companionship, challenges, antics and protection of our pack every single day. We treat our canine "kids" as if they were our human children, with the utmost care, dedication, affection, and even-tempered discipline within a nurturing, structured, highly-active environment. We expect–and, in fact, require–our puppy parents to provide the same. CraneHill is currently breeding only German Shepherd dogs. but we look forward to adding an exceptional, top-quality Doberman Pinscher breeding line in the near future. Anyone considering our puppies should be aware that we are very selective about our breedings, and very picky about our puppy placements. Working dogs are not a good fit for everyone, and we have reinforced this lesson through deep experience with many dogs and people. Strange how the human side of this world seems to be where problems are most prevalent. People are sometimes selfish enough to put up fronts to get what they want. Dogs do not as a rule, nor do we. We sincerely do our best to match our dogs with qualified, responsible owners that will nurture them with leadership and care so they may fully develop and flourish. So, if you are seriously interested in GSD's and well-versed in the realities of owning and raising a highly-intelligent, no-excuses working dog that may challenge your very concept of what a life-long committment really is, we invite you to contact us. We are happy to share information on our dogs, on puppies for placement, our training tips, and how we handle contractual placement transactions. Let our deep dog experience and knowledge assist you in the decision-making process of choosing your puppy, even if GSD's may not be the right breed for your family. And, if you do join our expanded family of puppy parents, we look forward to sharing your unique experiences as well.


Socialization is important
Moira (Bodhi's mother), Mahayana (Hani--Bodhi's daughter) and Bodhi at ArtPrize in Grand Rapids, Michigan where they encountered and walked among 1000's of people. Dogs must learn to relax and calmly follow their owners in the midst of chaos. 

The Noir factor: Moira (of Mondoucu GSD's), Hani and Bodhi Sept. 2013

Quality, AKC-registered, purebred German Shepherd Dogs, carefully bred for temperament, beauty, strength, intelligence, compliance and drive.


 Please direct any questions on future litters (IE: join our waiting list) or any puppy inquiries to CraneHill via the "Contact us" link. 

Mating pair of Sandhill Cranes
Our frequent back yard visitors and the reason we chose the name "CraneHill" for our kennel.